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A L D E R S H O T ! ! ! !

Added on: 3rd September, 2015 by MARTIN_13134

A L D E R S H O T  ! ! ! !

Last Updated:
Wed, 18 July 2018

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ALDERSHOT - A Town the Local Councillors want to forget ! . . . . .

When are the 'people' of Aldershot going to get a town to be proud of again. If left up to the Councillors, who, only seem to care about Farnborough, there will be nothing left, of a Town Centre people wanted to come to and 'shop'.

Marks & Spencer has shut its' doors in Aldershot, and many other shops are empty, there is no attempt to try and persuade other companies into the town - and it speaks volumes when "Poundland" leaves Aldershot. Many shops are completely empty and NO attempt has been made to rectify the problem.Even an escalator that has been out of order since before Xmas 2017, and nothing has been done to fix it. Part of the Centre has been closed off with NO sign of anything new.

NO local MP deserves to represent the town, because nothing is ever done, and anything they claim to do is always a FALSE claim. Local elections always brings out claims of doing
things for Aldershot Town Centre, but nothing ever gets done.

With new house being built, Aldershot has nothing to offer. If this was in Farnborough, the story will be a different story - Council Officials only concern themselves about Farnborough, because they don't give a dam about Aldershot. It has seriously gone downhill since most of the army has departed the town. The only time you see your local MP is when the local elections come around, and they try and convince you they care about Aldershot.

Hopefully, certain officials will come to realise that they need to do something about the Town, and not sit on their rear. The empty shops is rising !

S A V E A L D E R S H O T ! ! ! - S A V E A L D E R S H O T ! ! !

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